Curriculum Mapping for Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth grades and a Flow Chart are included within the Preface of the Book to provide an overview of the curriculum. 

Drama Curriculum for Middle School is arranged by grade level, Sixth, Seventh, and Eighth, and designed to be completed during a six week period with daily class sessions of 45 minutes.  Teaching a unit will depend upon time and space allottment, number of students, teacher background and experience, and interest and commitment.  Any unit can easily be expanded through enrichment activities. 

The reason for including a given unit in a particular grade level is dependent upon the goals determined for that grade level.  Units could easily be rearranged to fit the needs of the students, teacher, and school or be included into a curriculum at another grade level. 

Each grade begins with Class Structure which includes Guidelines (Rules, Consequences, and Evaluation), Class Expectations, Syllabus, Scores for Evaluation, and Extra Credit. 

Each unit includes easy-to-follow directions provided for the teacher in Strategies, Guidelines, ready-to-duplicate Worksheets for students, accompanying pages formatted for Transparencies, and assessments that meet National Standards.  

Each grade culminates with a project that incorporates focused skills. All presentations are videotaped so students can enjoy seeing themselves and their peers on TV.  Students also have the option to discuss the evaluation with the Teacher one to one.      

An extensive Selected Bibliography and Index are included.