Sixth Grade focuses on developing skills of the Body:  Theatre Games, Pantomime, and culminates in a Glove Puppet presentation of a Nursery Rhyme presented to a small audience (peers, parents, and teachers).

Several Theatre Games are presented plus numerous suggestions of other games and sources.

Preliminary exercises, guided activities, and developmental steps are discussed to help students develop a Pantomime.

Before presenting the Glove Puppet Project, a review of Music Symbols is reviewed.  Each student selects a Nursery Rhyme to sing as the Glove Puppet is presented.  A List of Materials and step-by-step instructions are provided for the construction of the Glove Puppet.  Students love sharing their project with other students, parents, and teachers.

Examples of students' glove puppets are included in the book.  One example is shown here.



                        "Where Has My Little Dog Gone?

                                    by Kelly Anderson