Seventh Grade focuses on developing Voice Skills while continuing Body Skills from the previous year.  Body and Voice Skills are developed through Creative Drama.

The first unit is Theatre Terminology which includes beginning theatre terms, stage areas, body positions, and floor plan symbols.   Preparation quizzes, with answers on the reverse side, and a challenge game provide students with a review of all the questions on the Test.  Results of the Test are then sent home for parents to sign. 

Group Pantomime helps students review pantomime skills from Sixth Grade while incorporating group responsibilities, stage practices, and Theatre Terminology.  ALL STUDENTS ARE EVALUATED INDIVIDUALLY.  Students are then provided with critiquing skills while evaluating different groups.

Speech Terms are defined and activities provided for practice:  Tongue Twisters and Storytelling.  Assessments for both are included.

Story Theater is the final project.  Students select their story and group, prepare their script, and create a mask of their character.  A List of Materials and step-by-step instructions are included.  Students are evaluated on their presentation and their mask, and all students are evaluated individually.

Examples of masks are included in the book.  One example is shown here.      



                                 by Alexa McCanick