Eighth Grade focuses on developing Mind and Feeling.  Body, Voice, Mind and Feeling are developed through Formal Theatre.

The first units are a review of Theatre Terminology and Speech Terms.  Speech Terms are evaluated this year.

Improvisation is introduced incorporating the skills developed through Group Pantomime while adding Mind and Feeling.  Groups are formed, Group Responsibilities selected, scene determined, and roles identified.  Each student is evaluated INDIVIDUALLY for their presentation.  A rubric is provided to help students identify how skills will be evaluated.  Group Responsbilities are evaluated and scenes critiqued (a simple +/- by categories) by students as they view the taped scenes.

History of Theatre is discussed by selected Periods:  Greek, Commedia Dell'Arte, Elizabethan, Restoration, Melodrama, Nineteenth Century, Twentieth Century, Absurdism, and Black.   Students are introduced to an overall view of each period as specific plays are discussed.  A preparation quiz (with answers on reverse) is given to review for the Final Test, and a Test Notice sent home for parents to sign.

The final project is the presentation of a scene from a Period Play.  Scenes from one to many characters may be selected.  Students prepare their script by "markings" (an easy-to-use process), determine necessary props and/or scenery, and construct their selected costume piece (a one to two day project).  A poster is  created to promote their scene and displayed in the classroom. A rubric is provided to identify how skills will be evaluated.  Final scene is presented to a small audience of peers, parents, teachers, and administrators.  All scenes are videotaped and may be viewed by students.  The teacher is also able to view the videotape for evaluation. 

Examples of costume pieces are included in the book.  One example is shown here.



                                Samantha Maraval